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18 - 20 December 2019

I visited the International Robotics Exhibition (iREX2019) in Tokyo. This exhibition is one of the largest Robot exhibitions in Japan. It is been held once every 2 years in Tokyo. It is a great opportunity to learn about the latest developments of Robot Technology that are been made by some of the leading companies in the field. During the visit, I have seen some major companies such as Kawasaki and Fanuc that are famous for producing industrial robot technology. In addition to that, there were several other companies that produce robots for service applications.

1 - 2 November 2019


I traveled to Bejing, China; to participate in the 2019 IEEE International Conference on Advanced Robotics and its Social Impacts (ARSO) that was held at Bejing Institue of Technology. I got a chance to present my latest research achievement on the development of the Robotic Hand System for Surgical application.  

13 April 2019


I gave a lecture to a group of Muslim professions in Tokyo about robot technology.

13 April 2019

I visited an exhibition about the Internet of Things (IoT) that was held in Tokyo. It was a great opportunity for me to learn about IoT technology and know the leading companies that are working in this field.

16 January 2019

I visited the 3rd Robot Development & Application Expo (RoboDEX 2019) that was held in Tokyo. Many companies had participated and presented some of their last achievement in Robotic Technology.

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